In today’s society, imagination is an idea of creativity and openness to new ideas, but what if it is so much more? What if imagination is the way of looking into the depths of people’s emotions, unconscious thoughts, mental aspects or even spiritual zones that have not been sought out before? What if this is really what gives humans the drive, desire, and passion to do, be and grow into something so much more than what our physical box of life has taught us? Imagination on the brink of subconscious desire to be founded by more questions and probing by only the bravest of hearts and minds. My research question is just one of many to follow in the quest for the search into the unknown of human awareness and mortality…or is it spirituality and immortality that we actually seek? In either regard, there is more to be done and more to be sought. The work of a researcher is never finished, nor is the job of those who teach what has been found.

We must continue our path to find the answers to our questions and may the truth and science be found to validate what we innately know. For without research knowledge is not gained, but without truth it is not validated.